Saturday, March 26, 2011

color :)

Okay and as far as color goes i just went online to the gap and banana website and took off some pictures that they had but this is the color range that I'm kinda going for. i thought it would be easy cause this color is literally everywhere!

okay and here are some more brides made dress pictures.... first let me direct your attention to the girls in the top left in blue.... i put that up there cause i like that they have dresses on that go together. second the picture of those girls surrounding the bride.... i like the skirt and shirt thing that's goin on not the color's of course, but the fact that there wearing skirts and still look fancyer is good i like that the stayed dressy. third is just the pictures of the other dresses below on hangers that i really like. so point being try and find a dress if all else fails a skirt would be just as cute as long as it's still on the dressy side ya know? so what do you guys think?

this is what i'm goin for...

okay so i love these girls and how there all different but there in the same color ish. of course they would have to be longer and those aren't exactly my colors but you get a good idea.
p.s. it just so happens that that is what my dress will kinda look like with sleeves so i hope that gives you a better idea :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

more pictures...

These look yummy....

These flowers on the top right is where i got the citrus idea from and yes i will be having my brides maids be in that color cause it is every where! and it's the color of grape fruit. :)

yes i love her hair.... she is really cool.....

my wedding pictures better be as cool as theirs......

i like them.... and their sparklers.....

i like this chicks hair....

So What do you think?

So i just wanted to show these pictures so you guy's got a taste of what it was gonna look like and the feel of what i am goin with. the color's are going to be citrus. and it's gonna be out door in Dave's parent's back yard and we are going to cover the whole yard in a tent of lights. Davey absolutely love pancakes so i decided that were gonna serve pancakes and crapes. and then have a table with lot's of different yummy topping's like whip-cream, fresh fruit, and powdered sugar... all that kind of good stuff. there is of course going to be a dance floor, and we have already booked a rokin DJ so get ready to dance your heart out. the center pieces on the tables are going to look similar to the ones in that one picture of that back yard. only those flower arrangements are going to be on top of large curricular clear vases that will be filled with oranges. Okay so those are just a couple of the thing's that we have planed but i want to know what you think? :) i have some more stuff planed but i wanted to show you this for now.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

i'm in love! i'm in love! and don't care who knows it...

So hears the deal... there's this boy... and I'm crazy about him. His name is Dave Peifer. To friends and family he is known as Davey. He's 5'11, has a gorgeous smile and is fresh off a mission from London, England. The best part is that he isn't a fictional character from a fantastic animated Disney movie; he's the real deal. We have played every single day for past three weeks. and it could possibly be the funnest three weeks of my life!

We have gone and:
  • played games with my family until our stomachs and cheeks hurt from laughing to hard
  • paper airplane throwing off of huge school bleachers
  • stargazing on a love sack in the middle of a desert
  • painted a picture frame
  • played sardines
  • board games
  • long boarding
  • lazer tagging
  • ice skating

Yep he is great in every way and i am most defiantly crazy about him.